Rulse & Conditions

Admission wristbands for “Unify Dance Uk” events must be purchased in advance.
No refunds are permitted.

Parents & guardians must supervise children at all times. Dancers and Spectators should stay in
designated areas and not block the views of other schools.
Competitors must wear suitable footwear. Dancers compete at their own risk.
“Unify Dance UK” the have final decision any questions or complaints should be made by the
dance schools teacher.

Please advise Unify Dance UK directly if you have any objections to photography.
It is permitted for one representative from each dance school to video their own team, that individual
should be given permission by their team members.

Team entries
Teams must be minimum of 5 and maximum of 30 dancers. (exceptions for illness etc) Dancers can only
perform in one team.

Beginners routine, no longer than 2 ½ minutes Intermediate routine, no longer than 2 ½ minutes
Advanced routine, no longer than 3 minutes

Teams can use younger dancers than listed in the table but at least ¾ must be of the age of that age

Music should be censored if needed and out fits & performance should be appropriate.
No inappropriate movements or gestures.
Judges must not be approached by either dancers or spectators.

Dance teachers are asked not to dance in front of teams unless the participants are early years or good
To maintain standards, please make sure that you enter your teams into their appropriate level.

Solo entry
1st Timer- A dancer who has not entered an open competition before in any dance style. Sorry no
acrobatics/flips/freezes permitted in these rounds.

Beginner - A dancer who has not won a beginner solo event. Sorry no acrobatics/flips/freezes permitted
in these rounds.

Intermediate - A dancer who has moved out of Beginner level but has not won this section on more than
3 occasions.
Controlled and safe freezes allowed in these rounds.

Advanced - A dancer who has won intermediate level 3 times. If a competitor has reached this level, they
can only move down a level if they move up an age group.
Controlled acrobatics and flips are permitted in the final rounds only.

Dancers cannot touch judges and must remain in their own floor space which is approximately 1.5
metres radius from where the dancer takes their place.

Please take a look at the table.
Competitors can enter only one level in one age group.

Unify Elite

Each dancer that wins the advanced Street Solo section can take part in the UNIFY ELITE section.
Dancers will perform to a track of their choice for 1 minute. (dancers can bring this music along with them
on CD only and it must be no longer that 1 minute)

Duos Entries
If one or both of the dancers already competes in Solos then the duo will dance in the same age category
as that of the eldest dancer and the category level can be based on the middle ground between the 2
dancers, i.e. if one dancer is as solo dancer in Under 12 beginner and the other dancer is Under 16
Advanced then the Duo is permitted to dance in the Under 16 Intermediate.

If you are unsure about anything, please let us know as soon as you arrive at the venue.
Unify Dance UK- Street Dance Competitions Manchester, Liverpool and Preston